How Did JETT’s Musical Entertainment Get Started?

We Decided To Get Into This Line Of Work Because Other DJ Charge Way Too Much For Their Services. We Provide A High Priced Professional DJ Service At A Price Cheaper Than Any Other DJ Service Can Offer.


What Do You Enjoy About The Work That JETT’s Musical Entertainment Preforms?

What We Enjoy Most Is, The Fact That We Can Bring A High Priced Professional DJ Service To Our Customer At A Price Cheaper Than Any Other DJ Service Can. Where Else Can You Find A Professional DJ Service That Cost About $200 For An Four Event That Includes DJ Lighting? $200 Is A Based Price For An Event Held In Northampton County Pennsylvania. With A Four Hours Event And Our Standard Lighting Effects Package. We Also Enjoy All The Complements That We Get From The Guests At The Events On How Good Of A Job That We Did. Especially The Music Selection That Was Played During The Event.


Where Does The Name “JETT” Come From?

In The Very Beginning JETT’s Musical Entertainment Was Started By Two Friends Who Decided To Take The “JE” From Jessica And The “TT” From Brett And Combine Them To Make “JETT”. But Short Afterwards The Two Friends Broke Off Their Partnership. Brett Currently Runs JETT’s Musical Entertainment By Himself And Decide To Continue Using JETT’s Musical Entertainment As The Business Name Instead Of Changing It.


The Future Of JETT’s Musical Entertainment:

Every Day JETT’S Musical Entertainment Is Downloading New Music To Add To Our Every Growing Library And Continues To Shop Around For The Latest Lighting And Sound Equipment.

JETT’s Musical Entertainment Has Begun To Test A New DJ Stand/Façade. We Are Still In The Testing/Modification Stage But We Are Hoping To Have It Fully Launched By Summer Of 2017. This New Stand Is Much Lighter In Weight And Is Not As Bulky As The Current One That We Use.

JETT’s Musical Entertainment Has Started Shopping Around For An Apparel Supplier. This Way We Can Start Selling T-Shirts. They Should Be Available For Purchase During Spring Of 2017.